Getting a grip – improv weapons

This blog post has some excellent advice on grip and hold for improvised weapons.  Thrusting is not recommended unless you are confident of strong wrists and use of small objects as fistloads seems to be the central notion here.

From the article: One thing I would firstly like to mention is the way a weapon is used. There are three main movements in which to strike with an Improvised Weapon:  You can swing a weapon much like a bat or stick,  You can thrust a weapon like a knife or You can stab much like a knife wielding maniac but with a blunt instrumentThis movement is using a hammer fist type of strike. It is really up to the individual and their preferences as to how any Improvised Weapon is used.

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Concealed and improvised weapons in the USA

FBI SWAT agent

FBI SWAT agent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Found this on the net, it’s a large Powerpoint or Impress file, but worth a look nonetheless. It detailed concealed and improvised weapons encountered by the FBI and it dated 2005 so while the some of the technology looks a little dated now.

Some of the item will probably have little resonance to the average UK resident but still the ability of the human mind whenit comes to hurting other humans is  quite astonishing.

Check it out!

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