Old style Chinese martial arts films….wonderful stuff 🙂

Another Plot Device

I have not had the pleasure of reviewing a kung fu, martial arts movie in some time and today folks I bring you utter fucking gold.  Duel to the Death is by far an away, an over the top slash fest of amazing proportions in that there is nothing but utter madness taking place in this movie.  Let me give a quick rundown on the highlights of this movie:  You got two master swordsmen battling one another to see who is the best, ninjas out the ass, kamikaze ninjas, ninjas that turn into voltron, ninjas who take the shape of one large ninja, ninjas who who fucking rain down an ungodly amount of ninja stars and oh yeah, did I mean one of the best sword battles ever.  Ninja Ninja Ninja!

Duel to the Death 1a

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The syntax is a little strange, I am guessing the author does not use English as a first language, but you can easily follow what they are saying. Good stuff.


The number 1 street fighting tip is a lot more of any reality check when compared to a real trick or strategy, yet it’s the most important lesson you can every learn on the subject of street fighting. What exactly is that lesson? The very rule in street fighting will there be are not any rules.

It is amazing to me the number of people don’t appreciate this. It appears to be almost routine to anyone who has been with us street fighting, and i also often think it seems like just a little basic. Even so know from experience i need to start while using basics. Only don’t, individuals who keep in mind that once and for all information will get hurt.

Mobile phone . the important meat and potatoes informed:

Street Fighting Guidelines:

Tip #1:

The initial step in any street confrontation is recognizing a battle is resulting…

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More than Meer

There are hands on your throat and they are choking the life out of you. You’ve only got seconds to react before everything goes dark. What do you do?


This is one of the scenarios that you learn to defend against in Krav Maga, a form of street-fighting self-defense from the Israeli military. I teach Krav Maga pretty regularly these days and I’ve trained with the Krav Maga Federation in Manhattan for over five years. But now, as a budding physical therapist, I have a different view of what happens on the training mat, and it’s always interesting to learn things in school that I can apply and/or observe with my students.

Let’s go back to that example above. What we teach on the mat is meant to be used in extreme circumstances, in those moments when a swift and precise execution of your defense (and its accompanying offense)…

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