Sensible advice here, well worth a read.

Solo Keiko

One of the biggest challenges to training alone is finding motivation. This is particularly true in cases where the goals are not specific or time-sensitive. It is always easier to drill certain kata or techniques that you hope to use successfully in an upcoming tournament or impending belt test. But when the goals are life-protection and the time-frame is the rest of your life, what do you work on today? And, why can’t it wait until tomorrow? Martial artists are not unique in facing issues of motivation – this is a human condition. It is always easier to lose 5 lbs than it is to “get healthy.” Likewise, getting a college degree is an achievable goal but how many of us choose to read all the classic literature that “educated people should have read” when there isn’t a grade or diploma hanging in the balance.

Setting short-term goals is a…

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