Israeli Krav Maga NZ

By Moshe Katz
OK, I can’t take it anymore so I have to speak out. Facebook brings too many things to my attention that I would rather not see, such as repeated ads for “Original Krav Maga”.

There are people who collect originals; original Coca Cola bottles from the 1930’s, original coins issued a hundred years ago, original models of collectible cars, vintage items etc. Nostalgia, memorabilia, a baseball hit by Mickey Mantle; it is all great. But does anyone really want original martial arts?

Does anyone really want to know what was taught decades ago? Perhaps doctors should study “Original” medicine as practiced by the doctors of Louis the 14th, or be treated as Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were treated for their pains and ailments back in the day.

Does anyone want to use an original phone that required first dialing an operator and stating what number you…

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