Fight dynamics – alpha males and predators

English: Eye with a contact lens (myopia).

Eye contact…sometimes good and sometimes bad.

In answer to some questions that I received recently here is – dare I use the word ‘handy’ list of difference when dealing with either the alpha male (the pub fighter ) and the predator ( mugger and rapist)

Alpha Male

  • Do not appear as a threat – threats will be challenged.
  • Avoid eye contact, the alpha male will be on the look out for this and will assume it to be a challenge
  • Do not get sucked into an argument – just walk away
  • Have thick skin – the alpha male will try and initiate a fight through machismo arguments
  • Leaving the pub – this is not cowardice it’s common sense.
  • Pride is a good way to get injured or killed
  • Avoid the cheap booze spots full of young males!


  • Be aware of the threat – yes it can happen to you and will!
  • If you see trouble, watch it. The predator will prefer surprise
  • Be cautious
  • Don’t be an idiot, asserting your right to walk into a pub in a micro-mini after 15 vodkas may be ethically correct but it dumb, dumb and dumb.
  • If approached, be on guard
  • Walk confidently, do not seem reserved or frightened, this is a trigger for predators
  • Don’t slouch, walk with heads down, hand in pockets and avoid earphone and music is potentially dangerous spots
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Know the danger areas!
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