Changes to the law on defending your home

I read in The Guardian Newspaper today that householders who resort to physical force to deter burglars will be given greater protection from the law. The Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, will announce the change in the law today 9th October 2012.

In a sign of Downing Street’s tougher approach on law and order, Grayling will pledge to change the law to ensure householders can use “disproportionate” force in certain circumstances. While this may seem to be good news for the average man or woman who is looking to ensure the safety of their home and family, there is a slight sting in the tail here.

Up to now a burglar would have been aware that a law abiding citizen would have a limited set of legal responses and that in it’s turn would often predicate their attitude to getting into the house. In general someone breaks into a house to steal not to have a battle and in the main opportunist burglars are not inclined use weapons, the change in the law may well see burglar likely to be prepared for trouble and may even lead to more armed and aggressive incursions.

Now might be an excellent time to review your house security. More on that later.



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