Tone Deaf In Jericho

So I was watching some local (Okinawan) Karate-do fighters spar tonight after my Kobudo class. (Not Kobudo sparring. That would be crazy cool. Need to get them introduced to the Dog Brothers. Wouldn’t that be cool?) but they were doing some empty-hands fighting. Neat rule set that I hadn’t seen before. They have full chest and body protectors (similar to the Olympic Taekwondo pads), groin protectors, and hand guards (very similar to the padded wraps that boxers use, just a bit thicker). The only legal target surface is the body protector. So they can punch and kick to the full torso and sides, and part-the-way around the back to the kidney area.

So what was fascinating was to watch the way the fighting system adapted to the rule set. Both fighters fought with hands low, waist to chest level. Since full contact was used, I didn’t see many front…

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