Ayoob on safety

This is a little Ameri-centric but Masad Ayoob is highly competent to talk about self-defence, I’ve chosen a couple of videos which don’t focus so much on guns but on awareness of potential situations. Sad to say in this country it is not quite possible to find yourself confronting an armed robber in a shop without the option to defend yourself.

Massad F. Ayoob (born 20 July 1948) is an internationally-known firearms and self-defense instructor. He has taught police techniques and civilian self-defense to both law enforcement officers and private citizens in numerous venues since 1974. He was the director of the Lethal Force Institute (LFI) in Concord, New Hampshire from 1981 to 2009. He now directs the Massad Ayoob Group (MAG).[1] Ayoob has appeared as an expert witness in several trials. He has served as a part-time police officer in New Hampshire since 1972 and holds the rank of Captain in the Grantham, New Hampshire police department. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massad_Ayoob

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By: Dave Lomas

There is a remarkable amount of information available on how to deal with a confrontational situation, both before a fight starts and how to defend oneself during an attack, but the subject of how to deal with the emotional after-effects is also a vital part of dealing with such a dramatic situation.

Even the strongest willed person with a good stable mind can suffer great mental problems after being involved in a fight, more so if the situation was of a prolonged and intension period.

Soldiers in the field of battle, for example, often return home suffering from various mental health issues after being involved in a prolonged conflict due to the fact that they were not only under the constant threat of being killed, but also in most cases, being exposed to the deaths of others within the field of battle.

When it comes…

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The Raid (2012)


In today’s overcrowded movie market a new film has to have a unique hook to get the journalists writing about it. On average there are twelve new films released in cinemas every week. Without a star to lend his or her name to get the buzz going for a film, a project must use whatever is available to give it a helping hand and get the word out to the public. The Raid has its own built-in publicity hook ready assembled. An indigenous  martial arts (known as Silat) film made in Indonesia with a new young star,written and  directed by a Welshman. You don’t get many of those types of films that’s for sure.

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Fight dynamics – alpha males and predators

English: Eye with a contact lens (myopia).

Eye contact…sometimes good and sometimes bad.

In answer to some questions that I received recently here is – dare I use the word ‘handy’ list of difference when dealing with either the alpha male (the pub fighter ) and the predator ( mugger and rapist)

Alpha Male

  • Do not appear as a threat – threats will be challenged.
  • Avoid eye contact, the alpha male will be on the look out for this and will assume it to be a challenge
  • Do not get sucked into an argument – just walk away
  • Have thick skin – the alpha male will try and initiate a fight through machismo arguments
  • Leaving the pub – this is not cowardice it’s common sense.
  • Pride is a good way to get injured or killed
  • Avoid the cheap booze spots full of young males!


  • Be aware of the threat – yes it can happen to you and will!
  • If you see trouble, watch it. The predator will prefer surprise
  • Be cautious
  • Don’t be an idiot, asserting your right to walk into a pub in a micro-mini after 15 vodkas may be ethically correct but it dumb, dumb and dumb.
  • If approached, be on guard
  • Walk confidently, do not seem reserved or frightened, this is a trigger for predators
  • Don’t slouch, walk with heads down, hand in pockets and avoid earphone and music is potentially dangerous spots
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Know the danger areas!
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Changes to the law on defending your home

I read in The Guardian Newspaper today that householders who resort to physical force to deter burglars will be given greater protection from the law. The Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, will announce the change in the law today 9th October 2012.

In a sign of Downing Street’s tougher approach on law and order, Grayling will pledge to change the law to ensure householders can use “disproportionate” force in certain circumstances. While this may seem to be good news for the average man or woman who is looking to ensure the safety of their home and family, there is a slight sting in the tail here.

Up to now a burglar would have been aware that a law abiding citizen would have a limited set of legal responses and that in it’s turn would often predicate their attitude to getting into the house. In general someone breaks into a house to steal not to have a battle and in the main opportunist burglars are not inclined use weapons, the change in the law may well see burglar likely to be prepared for trouble and may even lead to more armed and aggressive incursions.

Now might be an excellent time to review your house security. More on that later.