Zen- The Spirit of a Path #1: ”Empty the Cup”

Not street fighting perhaps, but a beautiful Zen garden for meditation and the mental processes so beloved on martial artists. Nice regardless

Sarmoung's Blog

“What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.” 

Kobayashi Issa

Often, when we hear about Zen, what comes to mind is the practice of meditation, some rituals, what could appear to be nonsense phrases called Koan and more or less “funny” stories of which most ignore the name that is Mondo. All this is filled with a series of more or less known rituals of which some have became a sort of “recognition mark” of this sacred discipline. Many see it as a sort of “crazy wisdom”, a term in vogue in the last few years.

What people often ignore when entering in touch with a discipline, is the potential that lies beyond it – the spirit of the same discipline. It is a superficial way to approach every spiritual or inner discipline or a discipline for inner development. It seems that the same happens with Zen.


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